At Ralph G. Degli Obizzi and Sons, when we take on a project, we're careful every step of the way. We protect customers with computerized estimates that allow us to produce accurate figures on even multi-million dollar projects in just days. Our CAD capability means we can more accurately plan jobs, ensuring quality control. And taking care of everything means protecting our workers on-site, too. All our men are OSHA/Partners in Safety trained. We employ a safety consultant for every job and we insist our subcontractors sign on the same rigid standards. The result? We've won both the ABC Business Roundtable Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award and an ABC National Safety Training and Education Award. Our fine safety record speaks for itself. So does the fact that we're DuPont approved, and work with the company on a regular basis. The way we look at this is: if we can satisfy a company whose safety standards go beyond OSHA, we can satisfy anyone.

Ralph G Degli Obizzi
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